Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ha! I knew that people that got up so early were freaks of nature!

Now, if only they could figure out why I keep hours like a vampire...

From the article on Here's the Article

UPDATE: the link above is "bueno, none more". Gotta pay to get the archived articles. Here's the gist of it: New link


Early to Bed, Early to Rise - It's All in the Genes

LONDON (Reuters) - A mutant gene rather than anti social tendencies may be the cause of people going to sleep and waking up unsociably early, scientists said on Wednesday.
They made their discovery after studying three generations of a family in which five members suffered from the so-called earlybird ailment officially known as Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome.


I just reread it... I thought it said "unconscionably" instead of "unsociably". Gee, I guess waking up early is rather offensive to me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk...

Ah, the ol' mohawk. I totally dug having that.
Funky tan line after I shaved it off, though.

Credit to Jason for the title of this blog.
He said it in an email a couple years back.
And this had to have a clever title, so...

Anyways, I'll try to post about once a week,
unless some really funny sh*t happens [to me].
Which is often. And often because of me.
You all know how I crack myself up all the time.