Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Police are Coming!

Okay... being a music freak of the '80s, I of course, am completely out of my mind with the thought of finally getting to see The Police, live. I've always regretted not seeing them when I was 16 and the Synchronicity album was huge.

So, I recorded the opening segment of the Grammy's on Sunday and was only disappointed that they played just one song. [Greedy, I know.]

Any reports I've read after the fact, have the opening announcement of, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are the Police, and we're back!" credited to Sting. WTF?!!!?

The second I heard it, I was thinking that's got to be Andy saying that! 'Cause it sure wasn't Stewart's voice, and it sure wasn't Sting's voice. So, why then, are all these "journalists" attributing it to Sting? [Because he's the "leader" of the band, dumbass."]

Does anyone have a idea on this??? Has anyone recorded and viewed the intro a handful of times?

UPDATE: okay... my senses must've been way off due to my 101+ fever from the flu. After a few more listens... it does sound like Sting. Doh. [Hangs head in shame.]

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Next Show: Sat. Feb. 10th @ Swenson's - LBC

CSM band logo by Chris Fry

NEXT SHOW: Criminal Sex Monkey 8pm @ Casa de Swenson if you need last minute plans for this Sat. Nite!

The next Criminal Sex Monkey hap'nin' will be for guitarist/bassist's Eric's going away party & for band artist/sound man, Chris Fry's b-day party.

We'll be partying at drummer/vocalist Mike's house, again. It's on Stevely, if you recall from any of our other shows. Look for the Red Door. Contact me if you need the exact address, or if you want to be added to the evite. I'm not gonna blanket the evite with all your email addresses.