Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ed Finally Breaks 100 [It's about damn time!]

Stock photo of Edz swing - circa 2001

Wow. It finally happened. I shot under 100 for a full round of golf. Played the Alhambra muni course, a couple miles away. Only took 4 hours with just me and one other hack swingin' the [graphite] hickory. Usually takes w'ell* over 5 hours.
*w'ell = way-the-hell

I was tearing it up, so to speak, on the par 36 front 9 with a killer score of [wait for it...*] 44. By FAR, my best for 9 holes.

And of course, I started thinking of not only breaking 100, but maybe breaking 90 if I kept the same pace [yeah, right]. Way to go, brain. Ended up shootin' a typical 55 on the par 32 back 9. Oh well. [smiles] HAD to sink that last putt to pull off the 99. [Such relief, that it went in!] In my defense, the back 9 is from a newer course designer and is totally different from the front 9. [Well, except for the acres of grass; the sand bunkers; the water; the rough; the greens; uh... y'know, that sort of thing.] Oh, and it was my first time ever setting foot on that course. [And the sun was in my eyes, someone was talking in my backswing, etc.]

Anyways... let's see if I can repeat the feat tomorrow when I play Los Verdes in Rancho Palos Verdes for the first time, with John Peterson. Ocean views from over a dozen holes... it'll be beautiful. Kinda like the Kanaapaali [sp?] part of Maui, I think [& hope]. Hope it's not too windy. [Yeah, that'll be my excuse if I stink up the joint tomorrow.]

* Thanks Wil [see WWdN link]


At Sat Jun 04, 10:20:00 AM PDT, Blogger Edwood[.]net said...

UPDATE: shot a 110 at Los Verdes. Also, the first time setting spikes on that course. ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY beautiful ocean views from most of the course. It was a great day to do some golfin'.


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