Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tennis, Anyone???

They must've known we were coming.

Chicken 'n' Lager

If any more trees get in my way, I'll knock 'em down with my big dog, just like I did to this one behind me.

Chicken ‘n’ Lager. That's the name of the charity binge drin... er, golf tournament I played in this past weekend in Fallbrook. [That’s out near Temecula.] … [That’s out past B.F.E.] … [aka: Riverside]

Good time partying and stinkin’ up the beautiful course for two days with Todd, Chris & Mike. Scores under a hundred never threatened to manifest themselves. At all. Didn’t even tease us. Eh. It’s not any different than how women treat us. Oh well.

The course had a somewhat high [difficult] rating so my handicap actually improved a little… even with rounds of 104 in qualifying & 110 on Sunday. [Quit laughing.] By some ridiculous chance, or creative, Enron-inspired accounting, I was randomly put on a team with three other guys that I’ve still never met. And we came in 1st place. No s***. Scored 340 frogskins each. Cool deal.

Charity is good.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

So Long and Thanks For All The Fish...

The only good side effect of smog is sunsets on FIRE.

Killer sunset as seen from Betty & John's shack in P.V. Estates this past Memorial Day weekend. Not a great pic, but hey, it was a typical digital camera, not my killer film SLR setup.

*That's the title of the fourth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Yeah, you read that right. [It's a five book trilogy, btw.]