Thursday, June 30, 2005

Chicken 'n' Lager

If any more trees get in my way, I'll knock 'em down with my big dog, just like I did to this one behind me.

Chicken ‘n’ Lager. That's the name of the charity binge drin... er, golf tournament I played in this past weekend in Fallbrook. [That’s out near Temecula.] … [That’s out past B.F.E.] … [aka: Riverside]

Good time partying and stinkin’ up the beautiful course for two days with Todd, Chris & Mike. Scores under a hundred never threatened to manifest themselves. At all. Didn’t even tease us. Eh. It’s not any different than how women treat us. Oh well.

The course had a somewhat high [difficult] rating so my handicap actually improved a little… even with rounds of 104 in qualifying & 110 on Sunday. [Quit laughing.] By some ridiculous chance, or creative, Enron-inspired accounting, I was randomly put on a team with three other guys that I’ve still never met. And we came in 1st place. No s***. Scored 340 frogskins each. Cool deal.

Charity is good.


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