Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Up and At 'Em

This entry started life as a comment I was posting at JSDC. [I'm starving for a long overdue lunch, so I'm not gonna make it a hyperlink, right now.]
I just woke up a half hour ago. [It's 5:22pm PDT]

I CLEARLY suck at the "up and at 'em" that I should be taking on.

Would be great if 12 hours in bed [yep, hit the sack at 5am] yielded about 12 hours of sleep, but... had trouble falling asleep, so I read a finacial book by Ron Insana for 40 mins. Slept for about 6 hours, then off an on for about the next 5. The last 3 spent mostly daydreaming. Not about being obscenely wealthy so I could continue my lazy-ass ways. But...

about how we could revamp our gov't with an equally viable third party [Libertarian] to shake up the Asses and Dumbos; switch to a consumption tax, instead of income; make it irresistable to Big Oil to convert their business primarily to hyrdogen so we could say a BIG "FUCK YOU" to the middle east, and everybody on all sides that bitch about America's reasons for being over there. [esp. Iraq]; how it's been shown that if we'd just hold gov't spending to current dollar amounts for a handful of years we'd SERIOUSLY whittle down the deficit and that if a President & Congress that could miraculously agree to hold spending, not decrease or... y'know, then holy shit Batman!, they'd look like friggin' geniuses!!; then with all the increased revenue from the consumption tax we could work on Medicare, Soc. Security, etc... and that was my fruitful 3 hour daydream.

What a waste of time.
Thinking about how much better things could be.

Or maybe it wasn't.
Or maybe it won't be.

Sounds like life...

The thing that I've been avoiding,
by staying in bed for too long.


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