Sunday, March 11, 2007

Criminal Sex Monkey Went In The Studio...

New CSM logo by Chris Fry

Just a heads up for ya... Criminal Sex Monkey recorded four songs on March 3rd.

It'll take about a week for Black Star Productions to mix down. Then we'll have some mp3's for final approval, before we can start making discs to get into the hands of some booking managers, as well as our wonderfully supportive groupies & friends.

An actual Criminal Sex Monkey 'demo' disc/EP will exist. Holy crap.

And get this: it sounds pretty damn good. As in, when we heard our first take played back, raw, without any tweaking... we said 'holy shit!', is that us!?!

We did all the instruments at the same time, just like a live show and we only took 2-4 takes for each track. Then we did the vox. In only 1-2 takes, each. [Oh yeah. We're pros, now.]

Much, much credit goes to the guys at Black Star Productions, Jim and Anthony. [Great musicians as well.] So much thanks for their guidance, and especially for their time.

I'll be creating a specific CSM myspace band page to try and extract the band stuff from my personal myspace page.

Thanks for listening! - Edwood


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