Sunday, July 02, 2006

Next show: 4th o'July - Long Beach

This Carlo Robelli put a lump on my head at the May 6th show, but I got my revenge!!!

Not that anyone is looking at this, [those that would, prolly have already been to myspace] but my band, Criminal Sex Monkey, is set to play our friend's BBQ on the Fourth of July. Everyone should already have plans, though. Even just to veg and watch TV. I would.

We have another show confirmed, out in BFE [aka: Rialto]. The date is TBD, though. Go figure.

Oh, BTW, I'm in a band. You can quit laughing, now. Really. Thanks. Appreciate it.

Always been a huge music freak, but never was good enough on guitar to play in even a shitty garage band. Well, now I am good enough... for a shitty garage band.

Mike, Rob and I started a band in the summer of '05. I played bass, just because that's what we needed. [Mike on drums & vocals, and Rob on guitar & vocals.] We have been searching for a bass player, so that I could be the lead guitarist [no vocals]. We may have found one, but it's not set in stone. We'll see. I'm just glad to be able to play some guitar for a change. And, as of last week, I'm now gonna be singing lead on a couple songs. [ holy crap ]

Trivia in case we get HUGE: Band name for 1st show was Medical Bitch Monkey, but Mike recalled it incorrectly for the evite as Criminal Sex Monkey... which we used for the 2nd show. It stuck. A logo has been informally commissioned, as well. [Wow, it's almost like... a real "band".]

We play mostly 90's KROQ music, but throw in some 60's rock, punk, a handful of originals, and even a little "Bust A Move" by Young MC.

circa May 06, 2006 [Mike steps out front and Trevor sits in on drums.]


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