Friday, August 25, 2006

Next show: Sunday Sept 3rd - Westwood

Jammin' in Westwood

UPDATE: Slideshow

Here's the update: It's a private party. Mike, the drummer, sent out the email invite based on the bday guy's wishes -

Any, and all, women are invited. [Cool!]

Guys... if you didn't get the email... see you at the next show! [Sorry.]

Party starts at 5:30pm, band plays 6-7pm.
Bring beverage-type fun; the rest is provided.
Contact me for directions, info, or general naughtiness.

For the one or two of you that stumble across this site...

An update! [Nice, huh?]

Just confirmed today: Sun. 9/3,
Criminal Sex Monkey will be playing a party, up the 405, in Westwood. [Specific time, and the address, are forthcoming.]

It'll be a shortened show... only about an hour.

Apparently, the masses have spoken, and 1.5-2 hours of CSM is too much.

This just came to mind... is this a private party or is everyone welcome???

I'll update this entry when I get the specific time and location.


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